Welcome to Rapyuta.io CLI documentation!#

Rapyuta CLI exposes features of Rapyuta.io platform on the command-line.

The application is written in Python 3 and it is distributed through PyPI for Python 3 environments.


It is recommended you install the latest Python SDK using pip

pip install rapyuta-io

Rio CLI is available on PyPI index and can be installed directly by running the following command.

pip install rapyuta-io-cli

On Unix-like systems it places the rio executable in the user’s PATH. On Windows it places the rio.exe in the centralized Scripts directory which should be in the user’s PATH.

To install the CLI from source, you can use the setup.py script directly. Clone the repository and from the root of the directory, run the following command.

python setup.py install

Getting Started#

To begin using the CLI, it must be authenticated with the Platform.

rio auth login

The Email and Password can either be given through flags (for scripting purposes) or interactively through the Prompts.

NOTE: Entering password as a Flag is not recommended because it leaves the Traces.


Rapyuta CLI has commands for all rapyuta.io resources. You can read more about the sub-commands on there pages:

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